Tuesday, December 15, 2009

there's always got to be a wrench, man....

So because we wouldn't want anything to go well for myself, new twist in the tale of a trip to London over the holidays is the British Airways flight attendants deciding that the holidays was an EXCELLENT time to go on stike.

How does this affect me you ask?

I'm flying standby with Air Canada. The only other airline leaving Montreal for London. And now my flights both in and out are full.

I'd leave on the 24th, except that I don't think my friend's neighbors want me knocking on their door on Christmas day. At 8-9 am because the flight is always early from Montreal. Tail winds.


Keep your fingers crossed they legislate them to stay working.

And not just for me, they're idiots. They're all almost out of jobs. They do this to BA, and they can kiss the airline right into bankruptcy that it won't be able to get out of.


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Technodoll said...

I heard of this shit today and my heart went out to you... motherfckurs is what hubby said, he loathes british (non)workers.

Do they expect to gain the public's sympathy? what kind of crap is that?

*crossing fingers, toes, boobies, everything that this mess goes away in time for your trip*

Surfergrrl said...

ugh! it would be nice if things went smoothly for a change, eh?

Adventures In China said...

I used to fly standby, this kind of this was my worst nightmare! So sorry to hear it, hope things work out.

myself said...

TD - yeah you know, in this economy, BA hurting as badly as it is (it's majorly in debt), this could just put the airline under and then not only did they make their point, but they will have given themselves and others no job. SMRT

Surfergrrl - just this trip going smoothly would be sweet....

Adventures - yes, this is dreaded. my flight out is oversold in economy by 23 people, and there are 28 seats available up front in business class. And 2 people flying stand by with higher priority then me. It'll be a nail biter.

Tanks for the good wishes all, I'm crossing everything I can!