Thursday, December 31, 2009

may this be a better year

Looking back over it, I didn't really have the happiest of years.

Started in January

Last New Years, where I found our Jam Flirt had a girlfriend, heartbreak to start the year. Have I mentioned that they are pregnant? It's a miracle baby, and they're happy, so I'm not about to fault them for it at all. Maybe Jam Flirt will become a responsible human from this.

Then I fell and badly damaged my knee, which hasn't recovered completely since. Oh the pain on my way over here last week.

First cold of so damned many last year. Seriously sick of being sick.

The cold in the hell hole we call Montreal. Last winter was wicked. And then the horrible heat & humidity during the summer. Absolute hell.

My friend M's apartment building burned down.

Money & work stress. And lots of it.

The end of a long term friendship, a bad, horrible end, not caused by me, caused by her and her new boyfriend, who had been dating another friend when they got together. May karma kick them both in the arse.

My colleague's stroke at the young age of 52. She'll never return to work, and because she tried to do too much, she broke her hip a month ago. I feel terrible for her.

Much trouble from my family because I want to move to the UK.

Got the H1N1 virus and thought I was going to die.

Found out I can't work for my company in the UK, they already hired someone back in July and didn't bother telling me.

My grandmother is dying of cancer. Very sudden to us, considering that she's probably had it for years and the no good doctor in Ontario never looked into it.

My bathroom flooded my kitchen, and the insurance company refuses to pay.

Problems with my middle sister.

Many hamster deaths over the past year. And one mouse. And my cat that dropped dead the day I left for England in September.

Dog-walker hell pre London trip #2.

There were good things too.

Like jam nights. Oh we had a hell of a lot of fun.

I attended Technodoll's wedding, where I met her and Vegas and Prin!

Got my first singing gig in years (3 last year actually).

I saved my friend M's hamster from the fire in her apartment.

Met my Molly and adopted her. Same for my Tao. Now they're a bunny-loving couple.

Much photography, and a few break thrus in terms of famous-ness of my subjects.

Helped in 2 seizures for the SPCA.

The Brit and I hooked up after 15 years.

Decided to live my lifelong dream, and move to the UK.

Did alot of volunteering (breast cancer walk and my tenure at the SPCA)

Flew over to the UK. And had a wonderful time.

Came back, and had a free apartment to boot.

I try so hard to be positive. I really do. And it's just not working for me at all...I don't get it.

I have to just try to believe that the next year will be better. It *has* to be better, doesn't it?

They say that the way you end the year is the same way you'll end the next year. Does that mean I'm stuck in a rut forever, alone on New Years? Always and forever?

God I hope not.

Here's to 2010 being better. Please?


Adventures In China said...

So glad you had a wonderful time. It all worked out, yay!

I love lists, and I love reading them. What a year, you've inspired me to also make a list.

I love bunnies.

Technodoll said...

"They say that the way you end the year is the same way you'll end the next year"

Oh what bullshit! If that were true we'd all still be in the womb, LOL!

Progress and change is what you're facing in 2010. You WILL move to London because it's what you want. You WILL escape the crappy weather and build a new life for yourself!



Now. Get some sleep, you're about to get really busy!