Sunday, November 29, 2009

family....aka HELL

Trip to Ontario yesterday.

Little background, my father's mother has just been diagnosed with lung cancer, and is in a facility, probably until she goes into palative care and dies.

So went to visit her for the first time since she was diagnosed, and probably the last time, because I personally think she won't last past Christmas.

Everything was fine with my youngest sister and my mom and I, until we picked up the middle daughter. Who decided she needed to shop (small town Ontario....she lives in a bigger need to go shopping while she's going to see a dying grandmother).

I told her no, she got her nose out of joint, and I got into trouble on the way home from the other sister for hurting her feelings.

Also got attitude due to leaving for the holidays.

And for wanting to move.

Piece de la resistance, my grandmother gave my youngest sister her car, my other sister all her silverware (ie, real silver), and me...well...nada. I was asked what I wanted, I said due to the move, nothing big, preferably jewelry, my mother's comment was that she didn't think that was a good idea because I would sell it.


I wouldn't sell jewelry. I have all my jewelry, family stuff and things given to me from men past, good memories, bad memories, I keep it all, I have an emotional attachment to it.

I was hurt, and insulted.

People wonder why the idea of being across the ocean doesn't bother me.


Adventures In China said...

I'm so sorry about that. That sounds awful, and no wonder you want to move.

I'm sorry about your grandmother.

Surfergrrl said...

That sucks. I'm sorry. :(

myself said...

ah... you can't pick your family, or pick their noses...or...ok now I'm confused.....

Technodoll said...

OMG what a HORRIBLE thing to say! WTF! What kind of family does and says these things? :-o

You won't miss them when you're gone, that's the positive side...

Holy hell.

myself said...

I love my mother, but it's a love/hate relationship, we had a very rocky time when I was a kid, up til maybe a couple years ago.

After saying what she did, a few hours later, she hugged and kissed me goodbye, something she's never done.

She said those things in front of my bitch sister, and I'm not wondering if it was because of the audience.

Anyway. I find in order to be happy, family is best kept at a distance.

Although I'll miss my dad like crazy.