Tuesday, December 8, 2009

is it wrong?

Is it wrong to just want a frigging drama-free life?

I got rid of a few people that were making my life a living hell, figured once they were off and gone, things would be a hell of a lot more smooth sailing.

But apparently not. Apparently I'm meant to live in hell.

Insurance company comes back to me with a ridiculous offer, less than 1/3 of what the estimate I got on the kitchen would cost. I tell my broker "forget it, they'll hear from the lawyer", and the insurance comes back asking for a copy of the estimate so they can look into it again.

Sigh. Can this not be a shitload more simple?

Good news is I now have 2 offers on the table to buy my house. So when I know what in hell I'm doing, I'll be able to sell it.

And then there's men. I won't bore you, except to say that The Brit told me he has something to explain to me when we see each other ("but it's not bad!"), I want him to tell me now so I don't have to wonder about it for 3 weeks. Frankly, I'll be the judge of what's "not bad!". He hasn't given me any idea yet.


So he's been told unless he explains, we won't be seeing each other.

Can I go away now? I would really love that.


Technodoll said...

Why people toy around like that, I'll never know... mindfucks can go to hell, I say.

Good on you for holding your stick high! Whack whack!

I didn't even know you put your house up for sale, holy WOW! Are you listing it yourself or through an agent?

Are the offers decent?

HELL i'm excited for you!

Surfergrrl said...

yeah, that's kind of shady he's leaving you hanging, unless it was some awesome surprise and he said it good-naturedly. I would want to know too. Sorry you're dealing with all of this. :(

myself said...

TD - the house isn't for sale! that's the crazy thing! these are unsolicited offers. My house is in disrepair and therefore not $300,000.00 + like the other houses on the street (about 50 less than that), so I could make a tidy little sum towards my future in another country.
And as for the mindfuck...engh...men...

Surfergrrl, well yes it is rather shady and I don't like surprises, I like to know what's up. And I shall survive this all, I'm just stressed (which is resulting in weight loss which isn't horrible...hrmmmm)

Adventures In China said...

Sounds to me like he was going to tell you something, but chickened out. Oh, I'll tell you three weeks from now! That's the ticket!

Good luck with the insurance company!

Technodoll said...

Ah! you're being stalked by house flippers :-D

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all of that. Patience is a good thing. I always get so mad when people say things like that to me. Like, "Can I talk to you in a few weeks about something?" It's like, "No, you'll talk to me about it now, damnit!" :) But I've found it's always worth the wait. At least in gathering my thoughts. And if the Brit has something bad to say, at least there's tons other sexy Brits around! :)