Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's been a crazy couple days

Heyyyyyy all!

Yeah I'm back, miracles, I know I know!

It all started Friday, a siezure case with the SPCA, there's bunnies running around a town outside Montreal, we got a call from a bus driver saying the bus drivers at this particular depot were upset because the bunnies were hiding under the buses, so Friday night I was hunting bunnies. To take back to the SPCA. We got 5 of them, some were injured, flesh wounds, nothing serious, but we got them and they're looking good. Although some are preggers :( Sigh. I really really hate people.

So on top of my shift today, I was there yesterday tending to the bunners, and Friday night chasing them down then tending to them. I'm tired.

Add to that the birthday of 3 friends (including the difficult one), it's been nuts. I am exhausted, and my dogs aren't completely certain who the hell I am. Don't blame them.

Cleaned the kitchen, made 2 batches of dog food to freeze, adopted 2 gerbils to a friend for his daughter while there yesterday, and saw a concert last night.

Unfortunately, the artist in question are really picky, and I wasn't able to take photos, in fact, no one did. Tragically Hip. I think even people in the US might know who they are. I have never seen them before.

Fifteen minutes into the concert and guess what? I kinda wished I wasn't there. Oh well. At least I went. And the entire time I kept looking at the lighting and the interaction between the guys in the band thinking "damn what a great photo op that would have been!" which I found very frustrating!

Ok so on the subject of my friend. We have another friend (birthday also this weekend), who has started dating a nice man we all know. He brought his best friend along with him out Friday night. My friend with the trouble was playing with her band at my local. Now this guy is tall, big, and cute, and on top of it, I found out very nice.

I knew my troubled friend was into him. So I tried to not talk to him. Except he kept talking to me, and we got along really well. I had just gotten in from bunny chasing, figured I'd make an appearance and have a drink. He and I ended up chatting, finding out how alike we are in terms of our beliefs in animal rights, how we would behave with the owner/abuser (let me tell you, the guy who let the rabbits go into the wild kept following us around and I kept avoiding him, or I would have done something), musical tastes, favorite brand of guitar etc etc etc, we got along really really well...and she kept looking at me with daggers. Until this famous musician we know showed, then she stopped giving me those daggers, because we all know he's into her and he paid her the attention she so craves.

Wait til she finds out the guy added me to his FB. Oi. I can't wait for that discussion.


So tonight it's dinner for them (the Taureans),...I'm at the SPCA all afternoon, which tires me to start with, and then I'm supposed to rush home, and then rush out to the restaurant, where it will be all about her. Not sure I can manage this right now. Truly, I would love to go, but I just can't

I'll play it by ear and then decide. I have no options.

And on that note, get dressed and back out to the SPCA. Poor bunners, they need all the love I can give them.


Rebecca said...

I always want to do bunny rescue here in China. They sell them on the street for dinner. I would be running a bunny rescue out of my apartment if I could!

(Due to lack of fridges, people buy live animals and eat them immediately.)

FB drama! Good luck! :)

And I do know the Tragically Hip thanks to my Vancouverite friend. I don't think I'd recognize any of their songs, though.

Technodoll said...

Oh I can't stand the T.Hip. They're not tragic and they're not hip :-/

I checked out the FB menz, errrr, there are quite a few hotties there! Can't wait to hear how this unfolds... *giggles* :-D

Bunnies... and another other animal that needs help would definitely take precedence over a bday dinner where it would hardly be noticed if I were there or not.

But that's just me :-)

myself said...

Rebecca - another reason China would be out for me, I have such a soft spot for animals, I don't think I could handle it.

Technodoll - Well, I attended the Hip but I find the singer to be a bit pretentious, and he wouldn't let me take photos so PFFFFT!

I did do the b-day dinner, I'll blog about why shortly.

FB menz...yeah well we'll see, the guy my friend was all jealous about I think it's just a friendly thing, we got along immediately (animals, music & guitars...). He is cute however. As is my other friend. Would it not be ironical for both to be interested? hahahaha what in HELL am I thinking? Yeah RIGHT!

Surfergrrl said...

awe, poor wittle bunnies.

you can't walk on eggshells near your friend. you tried to respect her feelings, but you can't ignore someone who is trying to talk to you.