Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mmkay then

So let's get this straight now everyone.

Four men, down to no men.

It's been a fun couple days let me tell you.

Add into that a pissed off Trouble Friend, and it's been OH SO wonderous.

Actually, I've become closer to a mutual friend of Troubled Friend and I, and it's been great. We have bonded over our common irritation and frustration. It's a good thing, we go out, and we have fun together.

Anyway. The men are definitely down to zero, but this is me, and why is that a surprise I ask you?

I just hate men that profess interest (apparently to their best friends and girlfriend) and then run away. So much respect oozing out of me for men that are like that. Yep.

So sarcasm is the name of the game today. As you can tell.

I have a million things to do tonight, I should be gardening but f*ck that, editing, I'll get there, cleaning (yeah right), and generally taking care of things that I haven't managed recently. But, I can't manage.

I also have to get to bed early tonight (which is really hard for me to do at any time) because I'm off to Ottawa for work tomorrow, have to meet 2 colleagues at work at 7 am.


I don't get up until after 7 am. That's gonna be some fun tomorrow moring.

Anyway. I don't have alot to expound upon today, I just can't sit still long enough, I also have to get working on some songs, I have another gig coming up.

I have given up on the mens thing obviously, because it just doesn't bother me. Is that bad? geez.


Rebecca's Adventures In China said...

No men? Argh. More will come your way to play with.

I love Ottawa. But I don't love anything at 7 AM! Good luck!

Technodoll said...

Chickens don't even get up before 7am... hope you don't plan on eating any eggs for brekkie.

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee, in a thermos, with an IV drip in your arm.

Who needs men? You can hire a boy to mow your lawn and thank god for dildos for the rest. So.

I gets ya.

(( hugs ))

Surfergrrl said...

first, why do you have to be involved in this negative friend's life? I'm not sure what the connection is so maybe you have to see her or something, otherwise, i'd day it was a easy problem to solve.

The dudes? Sorry about that....but hey, i NEVER get guys who are interested in me! How 'bout them apples. :)

PrincessB said...

7am...ouch. I go to bed at 7am some days. Wow. Good luck!

Seeing Single said...


hope you're having fun taking care of yourself instead of a flaky guy then!