Tuesday, May 5, 2009

jiggity pliggity....plonk.

Yeah I don't know either, I can never decide what to title these posts, so bear with my slight insanity. (slight? hahahahahaha funny that).

I'm eating Lebanese lemon garlicky chicken and kale right now. Kale is lovely, and I think I'll buy it again (amazing what you find in the sale bin at Fruiterie 4-40). And the bunnies like it too! Very important that we all enjoy the greens!

I don't have much today. Brain is filled with a million and 1 things and none of them make a hell of a lot of sense to me right now.

Dinner the other night went well, but the friend walked on eggshells with me because I was so upset about my colleague, which is a good thing, I didn't have to worry about anything that meant.

Need to ask the industrious kid down the street if he'll come do my lawn for me, it's already too long, and, with the trees my allergies are already in full bloom. So I'm going to sell my mower, really no point in having it. Bad enough I have to garden (when the sun is down that is, I'm a pale pale person).

This is the part I hate about owning a house. Oh yeah, the whole thing sounded fabulous when my ex and I bought it, I planted a veggie garden. And then I became the gardening sloth. I have no interest, so I buy perennials on sale, bung them in the ground, weed once a year and scatter cedar where the plants are and voila! I never look at it again except for an errant weed or two.

I hate the crap that goes along with a house. I really do.

Ok so now I'll stop complaining.....

Which means I have nothing more.


Nothing new on my friend PK...haven't heard from him in a few days, but he says the ocmpany has realized how he's only there a few more weeks, and they've got him working his teeny arse off.

Other guy from Friday I heard from once. And that's really about it.

Ok back to work. Woo. Not. Can't want to today.


Rebecca said...

Ugh, yard work. It is the thing that keeps me in apartments/condos. My mom hires someone, I think it's the smartest decision she ever made. On the plus side, maybe you'll get a really hot gardner! :)

Princess Pointful said...

You see, I'm on the grass is greener on the other side team... on Sunday, I was so excited to be in a house with a real back yard. You know what I have? Five house plants. Yippee!

Surfergrrl said...

I think a yard is great in "theory" as long as someone else takes care of it. :) my grandpa was awesome. he LOVED gardening and my grandma did the whole canning thing. I never fully appreciated how much they tried to conserve and make do with what they had. coming from their era, I'm sure that just became a part of their life. Oh well, there is always the farmer's market on thursday. :)

Technodoll said...

Stop it! You're scaring me, LOL!

Apparently the grass needs mowing every 5 days in peak summer at our new house... 3 hours of tractor lawnmower at a time. Holy shit what did we get ourselves into... :-o

myself said...

Rebecca - actually my lawn kid was doing something to my neighbors and was more than happy I wanted him to continue to do mine! Yippee!!!

Princess Pointful - my grass is green....and long, and I never go in the backyard (the heat/humidity in the summer + sun = me in air conditioning) I killed all my house plants. Oops.

Surfergrrl - it would be one thing if I wasn't allergic AND if I had all the time in the world, which, sadly, I don't. Then I might get enjoyment out of it.

Sorry for yelling, but yikes! You will have a decent tan afterwards however!

Technodoll said...

or lots of mosquito bites... waaah!