Sunday, May 10, 2009

yet another gap!

Yeah I know I disappeared again, so sue me!

Busy busy weekend, Friday night dinner with my friend, then we went out to see a country band (I love country music and I will not lie!). She's been having a hard time with her boyfriend, and getting out was just what she needed.

Then last night I took some photos at a friend's gig. He's in a Beatle tribute band. Yep. Funny eh? Those photos should be interesting. Took the above friend with me, and we ended up in China Town at 2 am having Singapore noodles and chop suey... yummers. Was in bed at 3 am... ick!

Then the SPCA this afternoon, lovin' up all the bunners. I have a new kid, a hamster with a tooth problem. She's lovely. I am in adoration. Is that possible?

So Friday night. The guy that my trouble friend was so interested in that I ignored? Apparently he might be interested in me. Or is. Or I don't know. That's a very interesting stay tuned. HIs best friend is dating another friend of mine, and she mentioned something about him to me the other day (he is physically totally my type, big dude....tall tall tall and "meaty" as a friend of mine puts it.

Oh. my.

Add to that the fact that we have way too much in common and get along great well...I dunno.

One can hope right?

I have a doozy of a week coming up. First thing tomorrow I'm getting my tires changed because I have to drive to Quebec City on Tuesday, for work, back and forth alone. Yeehaw. We have a presentation to a customer, and then I think I'll see another customer, maintenance visit, and then off I go back to Montreal.

I have never been to Quebec City.

You Canuks may laugh now. I'm serious. Even in school, I never went on a trip there. It's only 3 hours drive (each way, this is Canada, nothing is really close).

Anyway. That and a Sony photography gig. Yep. Interesting week, and man I'll be tired.

Off to cook dinner at this late hour. Yikes!


Technodoll said...

If I liked travelling, I'd ask to come with you!

The drive is super dull no matter if you take the 40 or the 20 (zzzzz) but Quebec itself during the warmer months is freaking gorgeous. I won't lie. I'd never live there but my mom does, hmmm I'm way overdue for a visit.

Teleportation, anyone?

Meaty tall men = yummers. Can we have more details? :-D

Rebecca's Adventures In China said...

Oohh I am jealous you are going to Quebec City. When I was in Montreal, I really wanted to go there, but I couldn't fit it in.

I love the description 'meaty'--so perfect! I'm with Techno, meaty tall men are sexalicious.

Give the new hammy a love pat for me. :)