Thursday, May 21, 2009

This n’ that

Ok, so the mens are just *there* as in, people I wouldn’t say no to if I got asked on a date.

Further flirtation with the Upstairs Geek. He was asking me about work etc. How we’re doing, how they’re doing. Local musician I know used to be an exec at his company, so I mentioned I know him. I shall FB this dude later and find out some deets if I can. Or ask the guy who used to work there.

Otherwise, nothing. Two of the guys are backburner types. As in, I don’t feel the possible interest is enough.

Yeah. I’m being picky.

Troubled Friend “ignorance is bliss” tally is almost at 48 hours. I blocked her from all possible chats to keep myself sane. She hasn’t called, texted or anything. And apparently hasn’t asked about me either. Not really sure what’s up there, but a mutual friend who is also highly irritated told me she talked to her last night and she’s very “self-focused” (well DUUUH) but my name was never mentioned. Yay. Best I could hope for.

That’s a good outcome. And seeing as no one else of our common friends is irritated with me, my ass is nicely covered.

Praise god.

Two photo gigs tonight & tomorrow, friend’s band, SPCA, yep it’s one of those weekends again. God I’m tired.


Rebecca's Adventures In China said...

Good for you for being picky. Thank heaven for FB, huh? :)

Have a good weekend!

Technodoll said...

Never settle, no matter what. OK unless it's 2am and you're on the road starving and all that's open is a burger king. Only exception.

I can't brain tonight, cannot imagine how the hELL you do all these things and haven't collapsed yet.

Woman of Steel :-)