Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of mens!

Ok so it’s spring, and with spring, brings a hell of a lot of horny people (sorry, I had to say it, Rebecca if you get arrested over there in China, I apologize!).

It’s been 4 years (gack) and I can definitely be considered amongst the randy. However, as we all know, I have my standards and am not just going for anyone!

But hey, for once in my godforsaken love life, I have me some definite possibilities!

PK for one – my friend who moves back end of this week

Big Dude – the best friend of my friend’s significant other

Guitar Exec – I haven’t mentioned him but he’s popped out of the woodwork, friend of Jam Flirt interestingly enough, had another friend allude to him expressing some interest. I just though he was being nice. Good guy, so I wouldn’t say no.

Upstairs Geek – dude that works upstairs in my building. We flirt frequently, and said flirting has ramped up quite a bit, we usually run into each
other in the coffee shop downstairs and chit chat a lot. Interesting.

I seriously go through life assuming no one is interested in me, so I guess this realization that someone might be is astounding, I’ve been single for so damned long.

Will any of the above happen? Probably not. But at least it’ll be fun finding out. I just can’t stress over this stuff, and certainly after seeing what happened with my Troubled Friend and the mens she’s completely alienated/freaked out etc…I just don’t have it in me to get all upset about anything anymore.

They like me more because I’m easy going and approachable. I think I’ll just accept that I’m no beauty queen, but I’m fun, intelligent, and all sorts of things some guys find appealing for some reason (I’m not for everyone due to my forthright manner!).

And that’s my little affirmation for the day.

Apparently I am good enough to have interest in. Who knew?

PS Bear with me. 4 is alot for me!


Rebecca's Adventures In China said...

haha, they'll be like, why does she have horns? Slang is all good!

Am I you? :) I am always shocked anyone wants to get with me. And yet I like myself well enough, it just never occurs to me someone wants to have sexytimes with me. This makes for some farcical encounters.

4 dudes, you go!! It's fun to have possibilities. I have none right now. It is so boring. I will live vicariously through you for a while!

Technodoll said...

Four is alot for anyone! And with odds stacked in your favor... summertime approaching with open windows... erm.

Mind your neighbors :-D

Surfergrrl said...

it's nice to see a new cast of characters. Don't self-deprecate!!! You ARE an awesome catch!

myself said...

Rebecca - I sort of need to be whacked over the head with the knowledge that someone enjoys me. Bizarre but true.

Technodoll - essentially these are 4 men I wouldn't say no to if they asked me out. Doesn't mean they are definitely interested.

Surfergrrl - new cast of characters it is. Upstairs Geek has been mentioned before though. I've thought he was cute from day one I met him here! lol