Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, as you all may or may not have noticed, I've been nowhere to be seen yet again.

Seriously, I don't do it personally.

This weekend was f*cked in the best sense of the word, Friday was just the beginning of a weekend of frustration and anger on my part.

First off, my satellite PVR isn't working. Someone will die if I can't record Eastenders, Law & Order, etc etc etc.

Secondly. The Troubled Friend. She's making me lose my patience. Best thing is, I'm not the only one.

Three (count 'em) three of our mutual friends have just about had it with her.

Case in point. Friends want to meet for lunch this week, personally, Friday isn't always good for me, tends to be busy in my industry. So I said either or, but Thursday was better.

She apparently had a bit of a tantrum, nose out of joint because she can't make it Thursday. And god forbid she not be able to make it to something because of work.

So it got moved to Friday. To please her.

Add this into what happened this weekend, and I'm done.

The weekend. I had contacted my friend that I met the dude a few weeks ago through. Asked her if she and her boyfriend were going out, and was fishing to see if the Big Dude was going out also. Troubled Friend has been ill all week. Very ill. So between our friend and I we decided we'd leave it until Friday to speak to her about Friday. And I emailed her our plans.

Well, then she pulls this "you HAVE to let invite me even if I'm sick" the minute I walk in. Find out she blasted my other friend. Then another friend turns up and ends up blasted also. Boyfriend of first friend comes in and he hears about it.

I swear to you.

I have



Btw the Big Dude never showed.

Same goes for Sunday.

Repeat above. Except that she heard Big Dude might show up and started looking smug and self-satisfied and preening like a peacock.

Note friend's boyfriend, best friend of Big Dude told ME that he was possibly coming out. Not her.


Is it me?

I really don't think so. And my patience is really at it's end.

Time for some Kraft Dinner to fix this ill at the pit of my stommach.


Technodoll said...

I solved the problem by ignoring it...


OK that wasn't useful!

I'm sorry :-(

myself said...

Problem is, she's feeling sorry for herself, thinking we're all not keeping her au courant with what we're doing. That she's out of the loop. If I ignore her, it feeds the insecurity.

And then, I smack her :D

Tonya said...

ooh, friendship downgrade. not worth it.

Rebecca's Adventures In China said...

What Tonya said. Too much drama!

I like your nickname for him. :)

myself said...

Tonya & Rebecca - way too much drama, I blocked her from chats of any description to attempt to relieve my sanity. Problem is that we have many intertwined friends and taking myself out of the situation completely could be complicated. It's ok. I'll blow and that'll be that, I get pushed only so far and then I'm done. I think I'm there.

LOL Rebecca on his name. If you saw him you'd understand. Tall and meaty...me likey!