Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm having a terrible day.

Ever have one of those days when uncontrollable crying over someone is all you can manage?

When everyone around you seems happy & coupley and you, as usual, are not?

Just so lonely you can feel it with all your being?

Yeah. That's me today. Sad. Lonely. Unloved. & missing someone I should never ever considering missing, so much that it hurts.

I want to get to England, crawl into bed with him with my face against his back, his hand on my thigh, like I did this summer. & just listen to him breathe.


Technodoll said...

I'm so sorry, sweetie... :-(

(( hugs ))

And yes, I've been there and it absolutely sucks. The only thing you need to remember is that when you hit bottom, the only alternative is to go back up.

One day, you'll look back on these times and wonder how you survived - and wtf you ever saw in that guy in the first place.


tonyadesigns said...

You know, sometimes couply is such an illusion. Not that I'm saying it can't be great because I think it can, but for instance I have a friend who on fb status updates is always saying her husband is the best and great, bla bla bla. but i know her well and when i'm around her she constantly bitches about him. Just know that whatever "state" you are in, you CAN be happy.