Saturday, September 25, 2010


Someone said life is beautiful.

I'm unable to concur. I've had enough bad. I'd like some good.

If this is the path that I'm to take, I'd love to know why it was me that is still here, and my life loving, new mother of a sister in law was taken?

The point is what exactly?

I don't believe there is one. and if there is, it's a big old cosmic joke.

Nuff out of me now. I have a house to clean, there's an agent coming to estimate the complete and utter shit hole for me. Joy. What a fucking mess, I'm nowhere near having it clean let alone even neat, it's full to the rafters with shit, and now I get to be embarrassed to have someone in it, but I have no choice.

No options.


This life is a blast. Seriously.


tonyadesigns said...

I believe I'm the one that said that life is beautiful. I'm sorry to see you've chosen a different path.

myself said...

naw, wasn't you, it was a reference I read elsewhere...

I just don't think it's beautiful. It's messy, it's sad, it's everything but beautiful....