Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ever notice...

...that the weekends are just not long enough to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in life?

One thing I miss about being married (because I never lived with anyone other than my ex husband, I have no other frame of reference for this), is that I could share tasks around the house. Although my ex was one of the laziest men I know, there were things that didn't fall on my shoulders.

Now they do.

If I didn't want to ever enjoy myself on the weekend, hey, I could probably get everything done.

But I can't cook for the week, do the laundry, vacuum, wash the floors, do all the dishes from the cooking, and get everything else I need accomplished, all done on the weekend.

And evenings, well, there's just no way in hell. I'm lucky I am able to prepare dinner, and frequently, I don't.

It's already 8:30, I'm making a lentil soup (spicy...with tomates, carrots, turnip - big bag for $2!!! - and sausage), doing dishes that I neglected this weekend, I need to color my hair because my old lady hair is growing out, and I use henna, because it's the most natural looking (having been a redhead it's really hard to match the red....very very difficult, henna does the best job of making it look semi-natural).

I can see that I'll still have henna in my hair at 10pm tonight, while I'm sitting on the sofa, waiting, yawning, unable to watch the tube any longer...

And then tomorrow starts the work week, yet again.

And the vacuuming & floor washing that didn't get done will get worse, the dishes will pile up, as will the laundry.

We haven't even discussed what needs doing outside yet.

Sigh. Why do I have a house again? What was I thinking?

And I haven't done anything I really wanted to. I want to make some jewellery, I want to finish editing the photos I took this week (hell stuff I took 4 months ago as well), I want to sort thru things and decide what to sell.

Time is so fleeting, I'm watching it pass me by as I do laundry.



Gooseberried said...


Surfergrrl said...

First of all, wow henna huh? I never even thought about that. where would you get that? I dye my hair red and I think Feria is going just a big overboard with their color boosting technology.

It's funny but now that I'm not working full time, I often wonder just how in the hell I got things done when I was working full time. It takes one full day just to clean! I feel your pain.

myself said...

Gooseberried....oh no, no roomies, that is a VERY VERY end of the road I can't afford to eat sort of thing, I'm not roomie friendly...I need a roomie that loves me and therefore puts up with my ass!

Surfergrrl...yup, henna...and I love it, so beautiful the results (if I say so myself, seeing as it's on my head!)

Yeah. I feel like I do nothing but eat, sleep, work, tend to animals, clean, laundry and I shove an event or a photo shoot or a trip to see friends in there now and again. Sigh.

Technodoll said...

I have no idea how you do it. I'm home all day and couldn't handle all the pets you have, not speaking of the rest! Plus your full-time stressful job - holy cow!

Have you considered getting a cleaning woman in once a month to do all the heavy cleaning so that you get some sort of break?

It's not that expensive when you consider all the benefits...


myself said...

A cleaning woman would kill herself if she saw my house. I lost my ipod. Did I lose it outside? nope, I lost it somewhere in this house, meaning I put it down somewhere, but god knows where the hell that is....I'll find it a month down the line or something.....It's very discouraging, I hate being in this place (physically and mentally).

Technodoll said...

i'm sure they see many houses like yours, that's why people hire them :)

try it once, it may be the best move you make until the big one across the sea :)