Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I suppose, seeing as everything in this house is waterlogged in some way or another, me sitting crying isn't going to cause much of a problem.

I think I'm feeling the stress of the past bit, right here, right now, and all because of the $300 deductible that my insurance company is making me pay. No, they aren't deducting it, they're making me pay it to a subcontractor.

I may have a very good job, but I live alone, and I am budgeted up the hilt. I don't have $300 available right now, this is a problem, so that means something else doesn't get paid or I don't eat or breathe or live or...well...whatever.

So. Lack of sleep, stress, frustration, and general sense of being the only one in this thing with me, I'm sitting crying tears of sheer frustration.

I never do cry tears of joy. Never have. Probably never will?

I'm tired of having to go this whole thing alone. So tired.

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Technodoll said...

It IS tiring and I admire you for being so strong through all of it - I don't know anyone else who has half as much on your plate as you do.


This is maybe a sign that it's time to really "trim down" your life so that you actually have time and energy to enjoy it??


ps: a good cry is a great stress reliever, btw. Go ahead, let it flow!