Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ummm hello????

Hey there.

Blithering idiot coming to you from Canada......

Holy crap what am I doing? I'm making visit/travel plans with someone I have only had minor contact with in the past 15-18 years (I really can't remember when I took that course and can't find my tickets etc for it either so that I CAN remember)

You, dear readers, all 5 of you, are going to bear the brunt of this experience with me, because in reality, with exception of 2 people, I can't tell anyone about this for fear of being considered completely out of my gourd.

Which I am, but hey.

It's like the 15-18 years never happened. Absolutely amazing.

I am going to have to manage to explain him when he comes to visit this summer, but, I'll deal with that then. Close friends have heard about the guy from England from my class before, but wouldn't believe me that this is him.

He and I have agreed, this is the stangest, most bizarre situation ever, but my, the possibilities.

I am remembering why I liked this guy, and vice versa. Amazing how with internet it is so easy to try and get to know him again. That I can see from across the Atlantic his facial expressions when I write something, watching him laugh his ass off at something I've told him or said.

Totally different from the letters that used to go back and forth. Which I can't find. Along with our class photo from back then. I hid them from my ex husband, problem being, where?

I think I'll look while I am cleaning for his visit. Look where I have absolutely no clue. I love it when I put things away for safe keeping. I never find them again!

Yep. A visit is in the works. Call me crazy. Call the two of us crazy, or maybe, like TD said previously, maybe this is the way things were supposed to go. Maybe we were supposed to go our separate ways, me to my husband, him to his life where he never did marry ever or have kids, never found anyone that made him want to do that. His words are that he has pretty much given up on that thought. But maybe he should move to Canada? Hehehehe. Comedian.

Well. It'll be an adventure. He's lovely, funny, and downright can I say no?

My airline rep gets a hug from me tomorrow for reconnecting us.....


Technodoll said...

Just remember to breathe in between the screaming and jumping up and down, LOL :-D

Vegas and I pretty much met earlier but the timing wasn't right, we went our seperate ways and wouldn't you know it, look what happened when it was supposed to happen...

Sometimes, life has the timer on juuuuuust right ;-)

So his plane ticket is booked???

*screams for Myself*

myself said...

He works for an airline so there really is no booking, but there is a date.

Um....not jumping up and down yet, but there is definite butterfly action happening.

How in hell will I be ok for my gig this weekend, I can't concentrate!

Adventures In China said...

I'm so excited for you! I feel like I am watching a movie unfold right before my eyes.

I totally agree about the timing. You never know why things work out the way they do, but things DO have a habit of working out the way their meant to. I think I learned that from Jane Austen, so it must be true!

I think it's awesome you both are taking the chance. And seriously, why the hell not take it? What do you have to lose?

Surfergrrl said...

Good for you!!! That's awesome!

myself said...

Ms Adventures in China - Yeah, it's kinda like one of those movies that would usually make me hurl LOL. Oh I just dunno

Surfergrrl - thanks :) if nothing else, I'm super pleased to be in contact, if nothing else comes of this!