Monday, June 22, 2009

brain on vacation

It is currently HERE (see the big red dot of London, with an emphasis on the towns near Heathrow.....):

I am an idiot. Or have been reduced to one.

Other than time spent smiling like an ass, had a decent weekend.

Gig on Friday night and if it wasn't for copyright issues I'd post a photo of myself from then, but it's not my photo (and I don't want to out myself really). Troubled Friend turned up, and glared at myself and other friends most of the night, and also had the BALLS to complain to our mutual friend that she hadn't taken any photos of her. Um, who does that? My life has been much simpler and less stressful since I've backed off from that relationship, let me tell you. Except it has spread, it's everyone that knows her just about. But everyone is too afraid to say anything to her. I feel an intervention coming on!

My gig was very early, but post-gig I was home rather early also. Sooooo tired. Spent most of Saturday snoozing and some cleaning (I have about 4 weeks to get my place ship shape). Then dinner with my friend, avoiding having to tell Troubled Friend about it (god we're shifty), went down to a place in Chinatown and it was completely amazing, fantastic actually! I needed to be home rather early, because I had an appointment with a web cam.....turned out he was late home from his other job (which he does for fun and profit like I do photography), and I got to see the sunrise in London, England. How amazing is that?

Between being able to actually speak to each other on a web cam, and actually see things like a sunrise in another country entirely, the technology is amazing me. I get text messages from him during the day (oh the meltage at "hi gorgeous", god I'm such an easy woman), and I respond, within seconds I've got a response from a place across the Atlantic. Totally amazing.

Sunday I spent at the SPCA, of course, boy is the place packed, and I received 4 animals yesterday. Spent the afternoon on my feet, was exhausted. Was supposed to go to a BBQ but truthfully, Troubled Friend was in attendance, and I didn't want to see her, and her "look at meeeeee!!!!" ways. Always needs to be about her. So I stayed in, I was exhausted, fell asleep at the computer. Edited photos (still very behind) and was getting texts and eventually instant messages from.....oh what am I going to call him? friend in the UK while he was at his parents place for father's day.

All in all, I was able to rest and relax, which is something I have not done alot of recently. Phew!

Ok back to day dreaming....


Technodoll said...

It's so lovely to see you bouncy, happy and excited about something other than music and bunnies! LOL!

Mmm, call him Brit? the Man? Sexy?

Adventures In China said...

I melt at texts too, you are not alone.

This is awesome how things are working out for you!

myself said...

Ah ladies, we shall see, we shall see, I think I may have learned to not count my chickens.

And then again....I love this :)

I'll call him The Brit. Not original, but it'll do.

Surfergrrl said...

sounds like a great weekend!!! so glad you sound so happy now!

myself said...

Surfergrrl, I'd be even happier if I had your abs! :D