Monday, June 15, 2009

man this world is small

So a million years ago (ok 18) I worked for the German national airline, in freight.

I went on a cargo accounting course at our training center in Germany, I think it was my 4th time there. These courses could be neat, you have people from all over the world attending them, sometimes you get good co-course attenders and sometimes not so much.

One thing was for sure, the Canadians, Brits, Aussies, South Africans and Americans always hung together, and got along like crazy. If you had a class of the above, or at least a few people in different classes from those countries, you were guaranteed of a drunken good time after class (and into the wee hours).

In my class was this guy from our London office. He was shorter then me, but totally cute, dark hair & blue eyes. And we got on like a house on fire.

Now. I got married in March that year, so a few months prior, now, nothing happened with the guy from London, but we spent the entire week together, were inseparable, got along so well, so much in common, and he stayed overnight in Germany on Friday when he didn't have to (he was only an hour's flight away London to Frankfurt), accompanied me to the airport for my flight in the morning, saw me to my gate gave me a good long hug and a kiss on the cheek good-bye, and I cried on my flight back to Montreal.

We tried keeping in touch, but I got laid off from the airline, and internet wasn't common at the time, we wrote for a while, but it died off as it does when people get busy.

I've thought about him over the years. He has popped into my mind. Wished I'd gone on that course before I had gotten married, I suspect that things may have been very different, he had a brother that lived in Toronto at the time, came to Montreal to ski at Tremblant, but I had a husband, and well, that was just the way it was.

Fast forward to March this year. I was talking to my new sales representative from the airline in question, who is located over in Toronto, he has a British accent, so I asked him if he had worked for the airline in London, UK. He said yes, he took a transfer over to Canada instead of being made redundant, he'd been with them for about 20 years. So I asked if he knew my friend from my course, to which I was told of course he did, he was a good friend! Apparently on a sick leave, but my rep said I should contact him.

Last week the rep called to say he would be in Montreal this week and could he come by. Totally reminded me about my London friend, so I emailed this morning. Wow. Like we had never stopped talking. Turns out he's being laid-off shortly (also after 20 or so years), but was planning on coming over here this summer (and I've been thinking of visiting my friend in London this summer also, haven't been over there in years).

He's adding me to his FB later tonight........I'm sort of curious to see what he looks like. He remembered me immediately. He's almost as excited to hear from me as I was to hear back. And vowed that we are never to lose touch again.

I feel like I'm 12, how stupid is that? But this is a guy that has never, ever left my mind, ever, I've thought about him alot....and I mean, alot. Which is probably super strange, but we had an instant kinship that was unbelievable...

I am sooooo happy about this, and it's ridiculous, however, I can't even explain that week in Germany to you, I've never understood it, and 18 years later I still can't understand it, but I am really pleased to be in contact again with this guy....

Our world is so incredibly small, it completely amazes me.

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