Thursday, June 18, 2009

so here we go

I would like everyone to note a few things.

I am the one that poo poohs the idea of long distance relationships. In fact gives people crap for even considering the idea. It's crazy, it's probably heart-wrenching....I mean what the hell???? Why would you do that to yourself?

I am the person who sits when a male character in a movie says something to the effect of "you're beautiful" and makes gagging sounds and simulates throwing up. Yep. Totally classy b*tch I am!

I am the one without an inch of romance in her body. In fact it makes me cringe completely.

I am the one that hears those stories of long lost love and goes "oh god, puhleezeeeeee!!!!!"


So. One then ponders what the HELL I am thinking doing what I'm doing, planning to speak online (ooo we've both managed how to get voice working, this is going to be a fun talk!), trying to fit it in when it's not too late for him and not too early for me, the one sitting at work getting emails that say "I'm thinking about you" and "why didn't I kiss you back then again?" and melting like a complete idiot. Giggling at the text messages that arrive in seconds from across the pond, who knew back in 1994 (it's not 18 years ago it's 15 years ago) that this would be at all possible?

I can certainly get used to hearing someone tell me I'm beautiful (for those of you that have seen photos of me, while I'm cute, I'm no freaking beauty queen, but eye of the beholder et al).

Ungh. The bizarrity of this whole situation hasn't settled for me, him neither probably.....

And so one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, figure out what hell, spend some time together in person, and decide what to do at that point.

Patience is a virtue. A virtue I do NOT have in spades...well I do sometimes, and other times not. Right now? Not.

Bear with me. I'm just getting my head around this whole situation. I'll stop talking about it shortly I'm sure....



Surfergrrl said...

you're step at a time. don't overthink, just enjoy!

Technodoll said...

You better NOT stop talking about this, LOL! Sometimes just blabbing without thought makes things that much clearer.

I'm so damn happy for you.

Now you know why it didn't work out with any of the other guys.

Yey!! :-D