Friday, June 26, 2009

it's like a heatwave

Ok it's not like one, it is one. It was FOUL today. It's currently 26C and it's 12:30 am - relative humidity is 70%. Disgusting.

The Brit won't like this at all.....oh well....

Was just out for an hour walk, have to start training again, had planned on being able to do a half marathon by the end of the summer however, with the knee thing in the winter, that just ain't happening, I have to get my ass in gear and get back to running again. Strangely enough The Brit is doing the same thing right now, same goal I have, although he's already run a half marathon. These 2 chubsters.....hey whatever works.

As a result, I could essentially sleep standing at this point. My god.

The Brit is having a rough time, I find men, generally, are so tied to their jobs as a source of pride, of who they are, more so then women, losing a job after such a long time, he's sort of at a loss. What isn't helping is that he was telling me in the paper this weekend was an article about how 1 posting at McD's got 300 applications.

I'm going to sit here and offer up a something to whatever that Canada hasn't been hit half as badly as other countries. Employers are using the economic downturn because they're assholes, but it really isn't that bad. I know because I'm seeing what comes in import-wise, which generally means that we consumers are buying.

I feel bad for him. I'm not sure I'd know what to do after 19 years. He does have a decent buffer though.

The visit will only actually occur in August as it stands, he's got a few weeks away with his family, and needs to deal with tax issues before he can go anywhere, but has investigated flights already. So did I. Gulp. 'Spensive. *worries he won't come to town*

I do have access to stand by tickets. I have to remember that.

Anyway, I'm even bored by myself right now, I'm tired, hot, sticky, and gross, and need some zzzz's.....



Adventures In China said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a job after that long. I hope something good works out for him soon.

It's interesting to hear about Canada's financial situation. Good to know it hasn't been hit as hard. Maybe I will look there for a job when I return! Or for a cute Canadian boy. :)

Hope the heat wave abates soon, I can only imagine how miserable that is for you, who hates the heat.

Surfergrrl said...

all my friends in the midwest are complaining about the heat to. I always forget what humidity feels like until I go back and visit Michigan. Hope the brit doesn't take the job loss too hard. as you and i both know, it's a shock to the system at first, but somehow you do get used to it.

myself said...

Adventures - he's considering his options, including emigrating elsewhere. As for Canadian boys....go to Ottawa....HOT HOT HOT, I think the good looking men from everywhere go there.....and they're tall. I always end up with the short dudes (the Brit isn't that tall and may even be shorter then me, I really can't remember). Oh the humidity is horrid, seriously.

Surfergrrl, I really don't blame your friends. I don't think there is really anything worse than humidity. As for the Brit he'll get used to it, and he'll have to make some decisions about what he's going to do, UK seems to not be faring well on the job front....