Thursday, December 30, 2010

let's say goodbye to this godforsaken year

Anyone who actually knows me or has been reading knows how bad a year I've had. Well, some know more than others.

Deaths of important family members & pets, relationship death, insurance issues, house issues, work stress, friend stress, depression, financial issues, job's been a peach. A juicy, stressful, peach.

So I am very glad to see the end of 2010. Oh yes I am.

So, a friend who has been very depressed lately is being taken by me to see a comedy show tomorrow night. They have the whole "finger food & champagne" thing as well as dancing after, not sure we'll hang around for that, but, my thought on the subject is that there will be no way better than to bring in the year, but by laughing. It's a much better option than last year's cry fest (even though it did occur in London UK!). And she can't afford it so it's my gift to her for being there for me this year. We're going to have a blast.

And I can stare at a little crush of mine, dude that flirted heavily with me when I met a friend at a martini bar downtown where I met a friend again for a comedy show. He was the host of the show, hot as hell, all blonde & blue eyed and tall, and I had made some sort of correction to something he said (god I'm right gobby bitch) and he came to talk (flirt) with me afterwards. Turns out we have friends in common, I'm also shooting comedy shows here and there so I added him on Facebook (almost typed Faceboob there), so I could go see him again maybe because he's funny. Which is how I found out about this comedy evening. See, it all makes sense!

Anyway. Move is almost done. Almost. I hope. Puhleeze???? geezus this is taking forever.

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