Sunday, December 26, 2010

So, the Christmas fall-out has begun.

My dad was bored at work and Googled me. My twitter feed came up. Which is fine, I don't hide in anything except this blog.

Except that I had said that I heard from none of my family about Xmas, I hadn't been invited.

He texted me asking why I said that, that they assume I'm going and that I'm expected there like everyone else. Well, I responded back because it was true. It is true. My sisters and my parents make plans and don't bother to inform me. I don't know if it's because they don't think, because my input doesn't matter as I'm single and therefore should just be able to do whatever everyone else wants me to, or that they just don't care, but they didn't inform me.

I had to ask my sister where it was. I can't drive back from Ottawa by myself, it's not possible, I fell asleep last time I did it alone, so I opt out of going to my other sister's place.

But the fact remains, I'm not a mind reader, how the hell am I supposed to know if no one tells me?


In other news, I made it through Christmas day with very little issue. My friend came over for brunch, I cooked, we had a blast, a great chat, it was really very nice and I so miss that sort of thing.

I cooked all afternoon and then went to her family for Christmas. I know her whole family, so it was great, it's not my family, the things that irritate you about your own, of course are no issue to me.

Got my one and only gift there, one of those reed diffusers, I love those things...ocean smell...yummy.


So I'm cooking pea soup. Going to go back to the house (it's STILL not done) and then a jam night I don't feel like attending afterwards.

These are the days I force myself.


In other news I'm going skiing with a friend probably next week. Really looking forward to it. First off I get to see him, secondly, we're going x country skiing. Yey.

Ok end of bla bla bla.


Technodoll said...

I'm glad you made it through xmas unscathed, well at least on the outside... You don't need a million friends just a good one or two :-)

I'm so sorry about Tao... you know that I know how it feels.

((( hugs )))

Yay new job soon! Yay settlement! Yay a bit of sleep (i hope?) and new cooking gear!

Sometimes life is only about handling one step at a time and it's plenty enough.

Come visit!

myself said...

My family haven't spoken to me since. I hate this. I talk to them til I'm blue in the face. All I ask is to be informed.


Hopefully next week mebbe!!?!