Monday, December 20, 2010

is it over yet?

19 years in a house is a long time.

It's also enough time to accumulate enough shit that you have no idea what to do with it. I've resorted to throwing anything away that isn't worth something. Essentially that's what I'm doing now. I no longer care.

If I don't want it and can't sell it, it's garbage.

I'm so tired of packing/unpacking/pitching etc, I cannot even tell you.

I'm currently on a break. It's been 2 solid weeks. And I have this teensy ickle bickle car that has a hatch (thankfully) but I can't fit everything into it at once, so trips home, trips to the storage's hellish.

It has to be done by the end of the week. Both for my sanity & the person buying it.

My back is just on fire. But I have to keep going. Endless I tell you.


The season I hate is upon me. Unloved & unwanted, I go into this thing on my own again. Except for the pets who I love so dear. But still. I'm tired of this. I'm hoping the "new life" I'm being given has that in store for me at some point, someone that loves me...not another one that takes & gives me nothing back.

I'm not going to my family on Saturday. It's at the sister's place, and I really can't drive back from Ottawa by myself in the dark, I have almost fallen asleep so often that I'm afraid. So the aforementioned brekkie in the previous post with my friend, and then I'm invited to her family (who I know well) for dinner with my potatoe contribution. And if I have time some sweeties as well. We'll see.

I am happy about it, and yet sad. I want someone to stay home with. My own company is fine and dandy, but the incredible lonelies are just killing me.

On the subject of the guy from the brekkie restaurant, he hasn't been seen since I resolved to give him my number. Yep. And that's the way my life rolls. Figures.

Job wise, something really good is working. I am very pleased about it. and will tell all when the time is right.

I do work well. I am shite at interpersonal relationships. I know I've said that before, but nothing is more clear to me at this very moment ... Seriously.

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Technodoll said...

The holidays are what you make it, hun... and it sounds like you've planned some good stuff this year :-)

Think of all the women stuck in horrible relationships who want out but just cannot get out - yeah, I'd rather be single too, thankyouverymuch.

And pass the christmas punch!! :)