Saturday, February 14, 2009

yeah I don't think so

Is it some special day? Nope not in my view.

If Valentines is the only time you can be nice, romantic (bleh) or whatever with or to your significant other, your relationship is in severe trouble. Nuff said.

Off downtown to a mexican restaurant for a group meetup brunch, I can't wait, it's been a long time since I've had real mexican, so looking forward to it. I know one or two people from this group, but it's my way to meet new people I wouldn't normally (people from my end of Montreal island generally don't encounter people from the other end of the's a bit bizarre, I know...

So I'm getting ready, and then off to Tims to start because if I don't get a coffee in me I'm screwed and then off to brunch.

Have a lovely weekend all.


Technodoll said...

Ooo did you go to 3 Amigos? :-D

We celebrated by spending the afternoon in Magog applying for a mortgage. Yep. Super romantic eh? LOL

What matters is everyday stuff. Never sweat forced celebrations ;-)

Princess Pointful said...

Mmm... I adore Mexican. Marguaritas are always a nice plus!