Wednesday, February 11, 2009

is this thing on?

Ok. I know. I am remiss to come up with really good excuses for not writing except to say that....


Geezus. My sister (the nurse) figures the cold lay dormant waiting to strike again, and that it has. I feel almost as bad as I did last time, except I don't have 11 days to sleep it away, I have to keep on keeping on, so I sit at work currently, feeling like complete and utter garbage with sand in my eyes and something residing in my throat. Also can't stop sneezing. That's always enjoyable considering there's nothing I hate more than sneezing.

Please, prayer group for my voice, I'm singing in public in just over 2 weeks, I need that voice, badly.

In other news, I have a date on Friday night. I won't go into everything, but Jam Flirt hasn't been dating the leggy blonde for a while I have found out and I was volunteered to be his date for a party Friday night. No problem :) I'm taking it all easy, but will also see him Saturday night. And tonight if I can manage, news at 6 on that one. Not sure if I can or not. Depends on how much sleep I get this afternoon, after my meeting.

Saw him all 3 nights this weekend, during which I heard from a friend that he and the leggy blonde had been dating, but are now not, which explains all the undue attention I've been getting from him recently. And email.

So. Patience (I have none, sound familiar TD?) and something somewhere will work out or happen or something. Or not. Who knows?

In pet news, the dogs continue to drive each other crazy. No one has beat up on anyone, but I'm getting to the point where no one will be allowed to sit beside me on the couch, it's just becoming a fight between who can and who is closest. Ridiculous.

Hammies = good, cat = good, turtles = good (although it's time to clean out the tank, which they and I hate doing, but the algae is outta control), bunny = excellent. She's taken to sleeping on my bed, knows how to get up on it, and springs around on top of me, snurfles my head, chews on my hair, and sleeps on my side. Cute little thing.

So back to work I go. All these sales things, spreading my germs all over Montreal and the environs. Ick.


Technodoll said...

He he. But we love you this way! Impatient.

The cold thing, not so much - I'll tell it to fuck off on your behalf :-)

The immune system thing's a bitch, I tell you. Merrr.

*sends Myself awesome voice recuperating vibes*

ps: kiss the bunny pour moi?

Surfergrrl said...

oh man the cold!!! it fucking sucks! nuff said!

jam flirt-interrrrresting....hmmmm.... :)

The kids-can't they all just get along. kiss the baby for me.

So@24 said...


I love turtles!