Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm getting sick again. I sing in public in 3 weeks, it took over a month to get my voice back last time, I don't need this.

Started photographing again, lovely Irish man name of Colin Devlin the other day, was very enjoyable music, lovely voice, and an attractive man.

I'm so tired. Think I'm going to spend the day in recovering from being exhausted...might run to the corner store for some bacon so I can have an egg favorite thing to eat for breakfast on the weekend, don't ask me why I can't tell you.

Bought my bunny a carpet, and now she roars through my bedroom kicking up her heels like she's happy or something. I was slightly hanging off the side of my bed this morning and felt a little face on mine...and it was her checking me cute, so full of personality, I don't regret the choice in bringing her home. She's sweet and lovely.

Photos to come eventually ... dontcha worry Technodoll! I'm just concerned she's not ok with the household, don't want to scare her too much!

Love life update. I have none. Not much more needs to be said on that front. I did get to spend the evening with Jam Flirt last night. And his girlfriend. I like her friend, alot she's fun, but the girlfriend looks at me weird and I get a strange vibe off her. MY friend S is doing reconnaisance for me. She has come to a few conclusions that mirror my own, so time will tell in the end. Or I'll meet someone else. Yeah ok. Sure. I'm such a catch, the men are lined up for freakin miles.

Yeah still feeling negative. Can you tell? Although no one would know it.

And the dogs are attacking each other. The techniques from the psychologist aren't working. And he's all of a sudden skinny again, I have to fatten him up. Cooking for him has made him lose weight, I think I need to mix in some puppy food, and add a few things to what I'm making. Sigh. It never ends. Ever.

Or maybe I'll just go back to bed. Yeah that sounds good.


Technodoll said...

A hard question to ask but... have you ever thought of rehoming him? The troubled doggie?

They say that dogs are better off in twos, fours, etc and that three can form a bitter triangle... not sure if there's any truth in that, but it might be something to check out.

If he's not happy, you're not happy, and you've done all that you could... he may be better off as an only dog in another home?

Just worried about you, lord knows your plate is full enough.

ps: will you send FB invites for your show? :-)

Surfergrrl said...

I've only had a cold for 3 weeks and it's been frustrating, but geez you've been sick all winter!! that's a huge drag. Like technodoll said, it does seem like you have a lot on your plate. Is it possible to drop a few things so you are less exhausted? Just want to see you get better!