Wednesday, February 18, 2009

well how dee doo

Me = busy

you = annoyed that I never write on this thing currently

me = worried about getting a pay cut

you = pissed off at me because I have a job I enjoy, what's 5% less money? (a big deal)

me = stressed out

Work. The stress is mounting, people are walking around like zombies, all worried they'll lose their jobs. I'm not worried about losing my job, I think for the most part it's pretty secure, but my compatriots in the US got a 5% pay cut and I wonder if that's coming. Our CEO was/is in Memphis this week, I don't know what's coming. They can take their contribution to my RRSP, but not my salary, I need that, I'm barely surviving right now as it is (house crap that ate my savings).

It's jam night and I'm going to sing and flirt. Fuck everything else.

I'm getting nervous. JUST got my voice back from this past cold, and I'm playing not this weekend but the one afterwards. Stress. Videotron that didn't credit me like the should have goddamned sent me to collections, who I already told to talk to Videotron (a $500 bill that I owe approx $50 of, um no, until it's fixed, I'm paying fuck all). But they keep calling and calling and calling.....they want the money, and don't care that I don't actually owe it. I have to call goddamned Videotron AGAIN. Is there one Canadian service I don't hate?

And it's tax time. As in the time of year that I owe boatloads of money because I don't have enough to pack away into an RRSP and I don't have any deductions being a childless single woman.


So I'm going singing. Fuckitall.


Technodoll said...

Oh no!!! I didn't think your company would be touched by downsizing and all that crap... :-(

I will cross fingers and toes you are spared any cuts in pay - lord knows it's hard enough to be on one's own, who needs the aggravation?


Good luck tonight and flirt fiercely!! You deserve it :-)

Surfergrrl said...

glad to hear your cold is getting better. Sorry to hear about the possible pay cut. The whole tax thing is going to be a major pain for me this year since i'm still getting severance and freelancing and all that. just lots of stuff to sort through. blech!

Princess Pointful said...

Ugh... this economy is slowly seeping into everything. Blah.
I don't know Videotron, but I have a hate on for most Canadian major corporations, too, so I'll assume that I can hate it on your behalf, too.