Saturday, March 8, 2008

what a disappointment

So I roared out to Ontario hoping to confront the guy. Yeah. Ok then.

Ever have a moment when you wonder if everything you've been told is a complete and utter lie? Wonder what in hell happened to your instincts that were always bang on, regardless of how you felt about someone?

That's what I'm experiencing right now. My intention was to walk into his new business, see him standing there and say "ok you're alive, that's what I wanted to know" and get out. But no. Could not find a business that corresponded with a boss with his name in town. Now, I could have misunderstood, or he could have not been exact in his description and it could be in the next town over (which is about 2 miles drive over the river), but in the town he new business of it's type or any that has changed ownership recently.

So, pissed off, when in my own province (about 1/2 hour later), I called his cell. Well he still has my cell number. He saw my name and turned it off, disconnecting me. Well, more pissed off, called back, got voice mail, and left him a very controlled, but clearly unimpressed message. See he owes me a very small sum of money, which I'm not worried about but he was, to the point of asking for my address so he could mail it so I got it quickly. He did not do so. Which made me wonder what happened to him. So I mentioned it - that even if he didn't want to answer my email or see me, the LEAST he could have done is email it to the address he has for me, and I'd appreciate him doing so.

Sigh. So then I go see my girlfriend's band tonight, some friends of his show up, and then my friend the bartender puts one of his cds in (that he left behind one night when we were there). At least there was no Miranda Lambert or Detroit Red Wings (country singer we bonded over, country in Montreal is rare, and the team he was drafted to in the NHL way back when).

Asshole. Nothing else to say. I hate men sometimes. No, most of the time. I wouldn't do this to someone, how come I get this as a reward for being as nice as I can manage? Karma's a bitch, especially when she skips me when I'm due something good.

Anyway that's the story of today. Yesterday was a blast. My friend and I had a great time, had dinner with 8 other people she either knew a bit or we had never met at all, saw a great film ("Sandstorm" directed by Michael Mahonen, my friend's former acquaintance from the small Canadian town she's from - fictional movie from stories told by people who were Falun Dafa or Falun Gong supporters in China - tortured by the state - something that is still happening, an atrocity), hung out with the director and we just had a fabulous time yakking when we were driving back and was terrific.

Well, hunkering down for the snow that started a few hours ago. We're told 50 cms is possible here which converts to 20 inches. Shoot me. We have enough damned snow thanks very much. I can't see the street from my living room. If this amount falls like they say, we will break a record set in 1971. Tabernac.

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