Tuesday, March 4, 2008

only a week

*this post is co-written by a red mini-smooth Dachshund that is going to be very upset when mom goes back to work - he loves my lap - blame all typos on him

One more week of this sick leave left. And today, my tailbone is killing me, but it's humid something wicked up here right now...we're due another 30 cms of snow overnight (that's 14 inches approximately to you down south of the border).

I am going to a movie viewing at a big university about 3 hours away from here on Thursday with a friend, nice university town, so cheap, fabulous dinner is in order, and then the movie, which was directed by a friend of hers from school way back, he wants us to come say hi before we leave. Why not I say?

And tomorrow night, hoping that the snow is dealt with appropriately by the time "after-work" arrives, is my girlfriend's plan to find out what happened to the guy. More on that after it happens, promise I'll report back. He's a weasel man, or he's in a hospital somewhere (and if he isn't he'll wish he was after my ice cold stare cuts a swath through him!). Great idea she has. Put my questions to rest in that respect.

So everyone asks, how am I feeling? I think numb is the best way to put it. No longer crying, but I'm still not a happy camper. I've just been avoiding situations that make me emotional. Except for tonight, I'm off across the street for pizza with a friend, her kids and her new boyfriend. This is one of the things I am having a hard time with, being left behind relationship-wise by all my friends. It sucks I tell you.

It's amazing how little you can get done in a day if you try. Today? Well, I ate all the meals I'm supposed to (my personal trainer has me eating every 3 hours or so, and I have been having trouble with it while home, as in on weekends, so this sick leave is the best thing to try to train myself to do it when I'm not working!), but I slept the rest of the day away. Pain pills for the tailbone haven't helped, and neither has the migraine. Oh low pressure system, please go away and leave my migraine-addled brain alone!

Time to eat again. I feel like a slug. Or maybe one of my puppies....this is pretty much all they do all day. Sleep, eat. And then they do it all over again.



Anonymous said...

Just read through the past few weeks of your blog. You've really been through it! My heart broke for you about your doggie! And the fractured tailbone! I did that when I was about 8 and stil;l remember it. Yikes!

Here's hoping things get better!

Two Date Diva said...

I can certainly relate to the feeling left behind sentiment. I had a mini meltdown at a wedding this year when I realized that the bride had gotten divorced and remarried since the last time I was even in a relationship. It is okay not to feel great for awhile. Just know that this is part of what you need to go through to heal. It's the scabbing over of the skinned knee so to speak. It's still tender right now, but by the time the scab falls off you'll be back to your old self. Okay enough of the yucky scab metaphors.

myself said...

Thanks to both princessb & two date diva....I will prevail, I always do, this is just a pretty bad patch...I'll feel better after I get some closure on the guy front, and the further from my birthday I get (I really hope I'm not this bad for my 40th next year....). The puppster, well, that can still make me cry. But I will probably never get over that, none of my dogs passing is something I've gotten over sadly...

Onward and upward?