Wednesday, March 12, 2008

kiss me I'm Irish


This is going to be quite the weekend. My favorite band Friday, Saturday and Monday nights, parade in downtown Montreal Sunday, and another band Sunday afternoon.

Let the Black Velvets and Evil Green Leprechauns of Death commence! (those are also called Drunken Leprechauns - but they make me feel like death hence the re-name).

Have done a bit of corresponding with "he of the compliment" but think nothing much of it. That's my general state of mind.
I will admit to a bit of a crush though. What am I? Twelve?

Went back to work for the day. My butt hurts. God bless percocet. I think those chairs at work were created by the Marquis de sade frankly. Hard as rock. Only some things I want like that, and it AIN'T my chair at work!

Road trip tomorrow with my girlfriend. Meeting her friend in Ottawa. Should be amusing. We're meeting her in the hotel bar. Of *course* we are! Let the festivities begin!

How bad can I be in Ottawa? I mean, really?

Heh. I will report back if you're lucky on Friday. But probably only Saturday.

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Two Date Diva said...

I'm Irish too! But no kisses this year. Tag you're it. se my blog for details!