Thursday, March 6, 2008

ungh snow

So we got insane amounts of snow yesterday, and my trip to see if my friend the chicken butt man is alive has been postponed. Well, my girlfriend didn't help, decided last minute that staying in with her new boyfriend was the best idea. Then this morning's message that he told her something that has her over the mood....duct tape over her mouth is a great idea right about now.

This is what has me pissed off with her, not the relationship, but the loss of herself into said relationship. Personal pet peeve, I never do that myself, and get irritated when others do. As though I'm supposed to be waiting around for her when the relationship is over... I am super forgiving (unfortunately) but it only happens so many times and then I completely cut the person off. I'm not there yet, but tabernac (good french-Canadian swear word for those not in the know!).

So my other girlfriend and I will do that tomorrow night. I need the liquor commission too and that is the closest Ontario liquor board store to my hometown (Ontario has wines that I cannot get in Quebec, as in Ontario-produced - they rock!). I have 6 empty holes in my wine rack....oh no!!! (self medication for my sue me!). She is quite looking forward to it. Something about the look on his face as though he was kneed in the nuts....nasty nasty...but she's turning 50 this year, and as she says, it's all about her and how she feels, screw everyone else. We have a girls day and a half in Ottawa (capital of Canada and pretty boring) next week with a friend of hers from New Brunswick, they just don't want the 3 of us out on the town there...look out men! They're flirts and I'm a bitch. Should be amusing :-)

So I'm off to the great burg of Kingston shortly, my friend S should be here in the next 15, so I should feed my animals and take them out, won't be back til after midnight (woot, party animal!). Taking my camera, get a shot of the famous guy and US!

More news tomorrow!

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