Friday, September 4, 2009



This post is being brought to you by the raving lunatic that is ME!

I am in my last hour of work for 11 days..(oh my, what a treat!) and I can't concentrate so, as you can see, I'm blogging! ahhahahaa

So I fly out tomorrow (looks very good so I'm no longer panicking about that) and then I get to London at 7:30 am, about an hour to two for customs formalities as we Canadians no longer get to go in the "Commonwealth Countries" customs line like we used to pre-European Community, now we're lumped in with the country down south, and every North American airplane lands at the same freaking time!

Then my hotel, while lovely, I can't check in until 2 pm unfortunately (I'm hoping they will prove to be empty the night before and I'll be able to get into my room early). ACtually, it's a North American chain hotel, but it was cheap and flexible, so no complaints here. I'm going to see if the concierge will keep my bags for me, then I'll grab the camera and off I will go....downtown? Windsor? Kew Gardens (which in all the times I've been there I've never seen?), or maybe go to Soho and wander about a bit and get lunch?

Man I love travelling, it's been so damned long, I'm so damned EXCITED!

And then, Monday night, I meet up with the Brit. WOW. 15 years. This will be interesting (and yes TD, lingerie is packed! bahahahaha!). I really can't wait!

And then the rest of the week is open, and I'm happy about that, so no complaints from me at ALL!

My friend who lives over there is away in Vegas until Tuesday, so I'll see her at some point after that.....


Wish me bon voyage!!!!! And I'll try to write, I promise!


Technodoll said...

Bon voyaaaaaaaaaaage to you, your lingerie and your bubbliness!

I am THRILLED for you, girl!

Hope you leave room in your luggage to bring back lots of goodies, reeeeerr!

ps: you MUST update facebook, at least... MUST!

myself said...

do men fit in suitcases? nahhhhh


Hobnobs, TUC crackers, um orders for Flakes & Galaxy bars.

That's so far.... :)

Surfergrrl said...

go get em, Tiger! Can't wait to hear about it. Thanks for being such a great email friend! :)

myself said...

anytime Surfergrrl...same could be said about you.
gonna have a goooooo time! woohoooo!

Adventures In China said...

Oh, can't wait to hear how it goes! have a wonderful time!

Gooseberried said...

I'm sooooo jealous! I adore London. I've always wanted to go back there some day. Have fun!