Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm back.

And I really don't want to be.

Went into work yesterday, seemed like a fantastic idea when I woke up at 4 am, save a day of vacation for later this year when I go back to the UK, probably fly out Xmas eve....arrive there on Xmas day...depending....(nothing makes me feel more alone then Xmas and New Year, so I may as well travel and give myself the opportunity of my first New Years kiss in.....way longer then I'd like to discuss, seeing as it's measured in years, almost double digits....)

Almost didn't make it thru.

Have many photos, haven't had time to post them or upload them, either too tired, or at this point, there's too many files on my hard drive and I need to get rid in order to upload my photos. Yey.

Things went well over there, only saw the Brit one time though, it was a good time, but, his work schedule is somewhat ridiculous. We laid around on my bed at the hotel and talked for hours. I know why he works so much, finances were a huge part of the discussion, he laid it all out, and I was a weepy, teary mess the two times we tried to get together after and his work interfered. Hard when you have a scenario in your head and real life gets in the fucking way.

I will be seeing realtors and staying out in the area I'd like to live in next time, suggestion of my friend S who lives in London (friend from Kindergarten) who is incredibly supportive of my choice to move over there, but says it's purely selfish as she doesn't know many people outside of work, ha! She and her fiance recently emigrated from South Africa, she's lived there before, they both like London, so, here's hoping all goes well in my case.

Work wise, I have to go back in December and meet the manager over there to see what is up, if he likes me, and if the salary/position are what I'm looking for.

My father is being much more supportive after I told him nothing will happen before the new year, he likes that I have much more time to do what I need to now, like my divorce, get the visa, finances....

That's it in a nutshell.....I'm still too tired to think completely straight, and still too disappointed at not being able to see the Brit, although he's keeping in touch, he's a texting fiend....even during work when he's not supposed to....sweet :)

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Technodoll said...

But where are the details we all want to know...

Did you kiss?!

Is he still the hottie you remember him to be?!

OK first rest and wrap your head around being back here (it's just an interlude, remember!) and then we'll be here waiting.

Checking in every hour.