Tuesday, September 22, 2009

still no light

Still half sick. Can't eat, nothing is staying put. I just read that the only flu we have currently in Canada is the H1N1, and I'm afraid that's what I have/had, except the whole cold aspect isn't part of it according to my sis the nurse, so maybe not. However I could really do without the nighttime hot flashes (read, fever). I am so not going to be pleasant when I go thru menopause, 1 order of hormones, STAT!

So, due to having next to no energy at all when I get home from work, I haven't done alot. No thinking no organizing none of those lists I either lose or ignore.

Sigh. I don't want to be doing everything last minute, but I know me, and I can see that happening.

Shoot me.

The Brit is behaving. Somewhat. It takes losing it a bit in order for that to happen, not sure what that's about. We're fine in person, we're fine on the phone, he communicates perfectly. As for email, OMG I would have hired a hit by now if that was the only way we managed to communicate.

Turns out that his email server was sending his responses back to him. He even sent the returns to me. However, he's a smart man, he could try texting me as such?

I will never understand men. Seriously.

Then there's money. Ye olde cashola. I need to be making some of that but quick. Posthaste. I need alot of it. To pay for my divorce, my visa, my trip back in December, my bills here, and eventually my move.

How many hours a day can I work, without Revcan & RevQc finding out? ahahahahahahah

I wear stress well generally, but when things feel somewhat insurmountable, I get a bit panicky.

Sigh. Getting there?


Adventures In China said...

Hope you feel better soon! It'll all come together for you, I'm sure of it. But yes, it is stressful in the meantime.

Technodoll said...

You are getting there :)

Hope the ex pays for his share of the divorce...

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

I am hoping I don't get sick this winter, but definitely not with the H1N1

It would just SUCK to be sick and quarantining yourself *sigh* :)

myself said...

Hello everyone, man it takes me a while to respond!

Adventures - I am finally feeling mostly better, short of breath, but ok...thanks for the good thoughts.

TD - for reasons of a past attempt at divorce (he managed to lose his birth cert), I am paying the shot this time. It's only the court filing fee, I'm doing the paperwork myself.

FB - actually my sister had H1N1 (she's a nurse at a local hospital) and you only need quarantining when you have a fever , that's the only time you're contagious. It was just the most hellish flu she's ever experienced!