Thursday, October 14, 2010

where my brain's at

Je pense à lui by Chic Gamine

And what I'm trying to say
Can't be done in a tongue
That I know too well
Cuz if you hear it, I fear I may just have to come clean
And, oh my dear, in the morning
I'll say in the day, that it's not so bad
But it's those other times
When these words are all I see

Quand la lune tombe pour la nuit
Je pense à peu de choses
Mais, je pense à lui
Mon coeur est brisé
C'est bien tant pis
Je pense à peu de choses
Mais, je pense à lui

And I'll disguise my words from you
Take a sleeping pill or two
And I know this feeling should pass
Trying, oh, so hard to see
The green, green grass
The growing trees
When I know they too won't last

And isn't it even sadder though?
This foreign chorus
You may never know?
And maybe someone else will understand
But I don't want just any man

J'ai laissé mes rêves avec toi
Et je me suis laissée tomber dans l'oubli
Why did you forget about me?

Tu prends tout l'espace dans mes pensées
But now these words to you I must say
Ca suffit, mon ami
C'est fini

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