Saturday, October 2, 2010

holy good god

I'm going to repeat a conversation I had with a friend earlier. She said this. Not me.

"Are all men assholes? Do they all lie? Are there any good men, because if this is the life I'm supposed to live, I'd like a do-over!"

My friend has been defrauded by her boyfriend. 3 credit card applications, 2 went thru, credit cards & pins sent to her home, but she didn't receive them, activations done from her home, but she didn't do them.

I just spent this morning consoling her when we were out for breakfast and she told me, and the afternoon at the Surete de Quebec while she made her police report.

Rest of the afternoon calling the other credit card companies to have fraudulent credit cards closed.


Poor thing is devastated. Completely & utterly and rightly so.

How do people do these things?

Worst part, because the boyfriend is a recent immigrant, police aren't sure they'll be able to locate him. So she has to remain ok with him for a few days so they can do an intercept of him after she calls them to come and get him.


There are some really really shitty people in this world. I have to tell you.

I'm saddened and sickened.

Soundtrack: my friend trying to seem ok on the phone to the boyfriend


Technodoll said...

I'm shocked but not surprised... They walk among us, the souless psychic vampires. Scary :(

Will your friend get her money/identity back do you think??

myself said...

I am so disappointed for her, and sadly, not entirely surprised, having had a similar situation happen to me, I feel bad for her that she now is going to become a horrid distrustful woman like myself.

She's told the banks she never opened the accounts, she filed a police report, she did everything necessary to put holds on her credit, so hopefully all will be well in future.