Monday, October 18, 2010


Keeping in mind that I generally come on here to be NOT positive and bleat my crapola etc....

Drama. Can it end please? I'm a frigging magnet for it these days.

I have stuff happening, it's fine, I'll survive, but it's a bit stressful et al.

Enter Saturday morning, when I arrived home to find that my sweetest little red pupper Iggy couldn't walk.

My dogs are miniature Dachshunds. 1 in 4 gets degenerative disc disease. Iggy could almost not use his back legs, his back was roached and he was in pain.

Off to the vet, where they confirmed my worst fears, a disc (please note that it costs 3-4 grand to fix this problem - hello daddy's credit card???). But there was a possibility that it could be an infected disc. Remote but possible, because he was running a low grade fever, and it could also be cancer, so an x-ray was done.

It's an infected disc. Don't ask me how it happens, I can't tell you.

He may not get all the use of his back end back perfectly, but he's been running around when I take them out for a pee, he's on cage rest for 2 weeks...poor bugger, he's not pleased except it keeps him from being Bungee's object of attack. However.

Fingers crossed.

But seriously gods. Enough of the drama? Really. Just let me pack up my house and get on with it k?

I could also use this cold being taken away too, enough of that as well!


Adventures In China said...

Poor thing, hope he is back to 100% soon!

Technodoll said...

C'mon puppy, get better for momma!

And yes, the drama can stop now!

*shakes fist*