Friday, February 26, 2010

I know I know I know!!!!

I have neglected this poor darling of a blog in a serious manner.




I've been up, I've been down, I'm all mixed up, I'm not sure what end is up, and I'm busy as hell to boot.

Shocking I know. Me. Busy.

Check out - I am now photographing for them. Not telling you who I am though. Yes it's in french. Deal. So for that reason, I'm spending a hell of a lot of time editing & going to concerts, but I love it, so....hey why not? It also gives me a bigger exposure which is excellent, and the website is a member of one of those sites where you go to get photos of people when needed???? help me, what in hell are they called? Like Getty Images idea...anyway. There's the possibility of some $$ to be made for me as well as the exposure. I also see things I normally wouldn't make the effort to go out and see (ie spend the $$ on).

Ok, so I went on a date the other day. And may I just say, I am not doing that again? Nope. I'm done. I knew he wasn't for me the moment I saw the guy, and that's that. Nope.

And ultimately, he's not the Brit. That's what it keeps coming down to. No one is him.

I know. I say nasty things about him on here. Oh. I can go on. And really I shouldn't, because you guys think he's a complete asshole, when in fact, half the time I'm the asshole myself.....this is the problem with these 1 sided things, and of course, I'm sure I also come off a complete loon.

Yep. Complete loon.

I told him I don't like Valentine's day. So, he said he did what he usually does, and ignored it, ie - didn't say anything to me, and naturally didn't I take that wrong? Yeah. Own fault. Egg on face time.

I can't get him out of my mind. Period. I don't know what the hell it is.

I can't wait to go back or for him to come here. I need to see him and I know the feeling is mutual.

House issue may soon be solved. Kitchen done, and a sale. That would be really good, I'll have the $$ to do the things I need to and get a job and get the hell out of the country. That would be really nice.

I still want to go. The Brit or not, I don't want to be 65 sitting on my sofa thinking "Why didn't I go?"

Yeah. I don't know much anymore.

Anyway. So that's what is going on around here. Not much and a whole hell of a lot all at the same time.

My soundtrack for this post : Amy Millan - "I'm Losin' You" & Joydrop - "Beautiful"

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Surfergrrl said...

Yay on the photography on the goings on of the brit. Sigh...all those ups and downs with him? Just not sure it's worth it, even though you still have feelings for him. and yeah, if I were him I might be confused by what you said about valentine's day too, but you already know this and accept your role in his actions. It just sounds too....complicated. And it shouldn't be THAT complicated. Hope things move forward anyway with living over there. As Sheryl Crow says, "a change can do you good."