Friday, August 21, 2009


I do NOT like what's happening out of doors right now.

No, not one freaking bit!


Hot, humid, feels like you're in a sauna, except, you're standing outside. Just. Gross.

So I'm going out, to photograph a band, and that'll be that.

Tomorrow morning I volunteer at the Walk to End Breast Cancer, I do this every year, both days, I need to be at Jarry Park at 5 am (Uniprix Stadium for those tennis watchers, we just had a big tournament last week in which all the big famous dudes got trounced early on).

Yeah. 5 am. Yeehaw. However, then I have the entire day to me, because I'm done by 8 because all the walkers will be off! (I'm at late registration and money table to be at, seriously!)

I get this hot t-shirt and a pass and it's all good! Oh and a hat that says I'm bilingual...woot!

Two weeks and I'm in the UK. WOW.

The Brit is ill, as in with the illness that he had when I initially tried to contact him in the spring, the thing that almost killed him? He was to go for an xray today to see if indeed that is what it is, but he says his symptoms are the same and he's having chest pain (read lungs).

We were scheduled for a chat and I haven't heard from him. Which explains this disjointed manic post, because I'm worried. I just emailed him to ask to PLEASE let me know he's ok asap (it's midnight there almost, he could have just fallen asleep because this illness exhausts you), or I'm going to worry. Much. Alot. If he gets admitted to hospital, then I won't know unless he lets me know or gets his brother to let me know.


So, I'm going to have a glass of vino and dinner with friends and hope to get my damned mind off this, because, I'm sort of in freak out mode *hopes for a text but knows I won't hear til tomorrow*


Technodoll said...

So you're going over there to nurse him back to health with a long-stemmed rose clutched in your teeth?

OK, not funnay.

I really hope he at least texted you by now...

myself said...

Ummm here`s hoping not!

No news. Which makes me nervous. Or he fell asleep....fingers crossed that`s all it is.

Gooseberried said...

So, are you a photographer for a living?