Thursday, August 13, 2009

and calm has re-entered my life.....

After a week and a half of uncertainty, unanswered email, lack of contact, things seem to have reached normalcy.

The Brit, in his fear, was avoiding me. Not completely, because I'm that irresistible (hahahahahah, yeah ok right), but sort of avoiding the subject of last week's terror attack. His, not the Taliban's :)

I, at the urging of a male friend, attempted to leave it alone when an email on the subject went unanswered. Not an accusatory email, just a "hey, what's up? is there a problem?" email.

And leave it alone I did. For about 4 days. And then, I broke. I called. And he was so glad to hear from me, didn't say it out loud but started a sentence that he didn't continue "I thought....well.....".

We are back to normal. Normal in which I am planning on staying in the city at a B & B, because he's so afraid, but normal all the same. No more unanswered email, no more avoidance. Initiation. It's a good thing. And I'm feeling so very relieved.

Naturally next hurdle being that his new job requires shifts, one of which ends at 10 pm, and whether or not he'll be doing that the week I'm there. With my luck, he will be. Sigh!!!!!!!!

So. A big old phew, the lump at the pit of my tummy is no more. My friend J says that patience is needed with men, and to completely lay off, and to him I am eternally grateful, because he was completely right.

I swear having male friends is really helpful on occasion.

Photographed a techno band last night, I'm still bopping in my head, they were wonderful..... ended up there with a group of 5 male friends in the end, I knew they were fans, it was a blast.

So, I'm feeling good, and the Brit just emailed me, all on his own....I'm a happy happy girl right now.


Technodoll said...

Good! I was getting worried there for a moment, LOL!

Apparently only guys know how to deal with guys and if they're gay, even better.

Have you started thinking of what to pack yet?


PrincessB said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Adventures In China said...

Happy to hear this good news!

Anonymous said...

Yay! :)