Saturday, August 8, 2009

and so...

Things have calmed down a bit at chez Myself...

The upset has turned into understanding, somewhat, and a bit of annoyance, somewhat, but we'll see what happens.

All going well when flying stand-by, a month from today I should be sitting in some pub in London UK having a brew or a g & t, with someone I know, The Brit, or friends, or just alone, and I will absolutely be loving every minute of it. I haven't been since 1992 I think. Up to that point, I had been 6 times previously.

I realized I have yet another person I know over there, he just moved about a year ago, and I was speaking to him and both he and his GF love it there. He's lived there once before, for her it's the first time, she accepted a job transfer.

I am so looking forward to this.

The Brit, is running scared. It's actually happening, one of us is going to visit the other, and he told me he's scared. I feel fear, but I don't run away from it, so I had a really really hard time understanding that he's just a guy (!!!) and maybe, being 2 doors down from his brother, 10 mins away from his parents, maybe he's never had to deal with change, and certainly never had to deal with an interest moving from a different country to his....even though he is well aware that any decision o of that nature in relation to my move doesn't have to do so much with him, more my job prospects and just general desire to live there, but it makes things a reality.

It's put a bit of a damper on things. I've backed off to where I don't make any contact, it's up to him, and although he's started his new job and is working full tilt (5 nights a week) at his other job, he is keeping in touch through his own volition.

I suggested perhaps he didn't want to see me when I'm there, and I got told that I was crazy to think he didn't want to see me a few times when I'm there. He had given me a complete indication that perhaps that was the case, but assures me it's not.

So. We'll see what happens with that.

I have so much to do during the day there. Info to seek, people to meet with, it's going to be crazy.

And I just can't wait!

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Technodoll said...

I sooo want to go back to the UK for a visit, if only to take pics and eat all sorts of junk food, LOL!

He'll relax into it once you're there and have reconnected over dinner and a few drinks.

And you'll have SUCH an awesome time!

I promise :)