Sunday, July 11, 2010

yet another reminder

Life is too short.

I heard from the Brit today. He's on the annual family pilgrimage to Spain. They left the day after I left England.

We communicate alot via Blackberry Messenger, due to my job, his job, & the time difference, but due to a friend that got a £4000.00 cell bill on a trip to Asia, he & his brother are terrified of getting a huge roaming bill, so the cells are turned off on the trip. We knew we wouldn't communicate much if at all during his trip. Same as last year. Internets are few & far between where they are.

He kindly turned the phone on for me for 3 seconds today. To let me know that his dad had a stroke on their first day there, and that he may be there an extra week because his dad's unable to fly.

If it was 3 weeks ago, while I would feel absolutely horrible for the Brit & his unknown family, now it's worse. Because I've met these people. And I loved his dad, I'm also pretty sure he liked me alot also.

I can't do anything from over here. I've made it clear that the minute he gives the word, I'll be there. But being the stoic bastard that he is, I can forsee that not happening.

So. White light for this bright, intelligent, happy man that I met 2 short weeks ago, who has many personality traits that he passed on to my Brit, looks he passed to him as well, who I would like to get to know better in the future. Whose funeral I don't intend on attending.

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Adventures In China said...

This is really sad to hear, I'm so sorry. What a shock. I hope he pulls through and recovers with no ill effects.