Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm in move mode.

I want out. Of my life here, of my job that's currently making me ill (strange, I have digestive issues since I returned to my job, coincidence? probably not).

I've started selling off some un-necessary furniture. I've started getting rid of the definitely non-essential crystal & china that I don't think I've used for years.

I'm cleaning up.

I am probably going to sell the house to a house flipper. I know how much $$ I want, and as long as I get close to that, it's a private sale & I take my money & run.

Still waiting for some documents from my parents for my visa.

Merrrr. Don't try to stop me family.

Memorial for my grannie this weekend down where she lived. I went out & bought waterproof mascara. Also will be the first time I see my middle sister (the one I dislike) since she said she hates me & doesn't want to see me again. Yay. Not. wish me luck not ripping her a new asshole (which my grannie would have totally appreciated, so everyone in my family can stfu)


tonyadesigns said...

glad to see you are progressing in your move. just try to breathe a lot this weekend. don't let any drama with your family drag you down. be the better person and just know YOU know what you want out of life and no one can make you feel bad without your permission.

wow, miss perky eh? I must be still drowsy from the anesthesia.

Technodoll said...

You GO, girl! Not about the asshole rippage, but all the other stuff - LOL!

Time to get to your new life across the sea :)