Wednesday, June 16, 2010

here we go again

Nope nope, this doesn't have to do with me, my trip or the Brit. That is all going just swimmingly thankyouverymuch!

This has to do with a friend of mine.

You may recall the bad friend I had that stole another friend's boyfriend. Let's call them Bad & Good.

Well. Bad & the boyfriend split up. We all saw it coming. We all knew it would happen. We all knew. Although these 2 deserved each other, her for doing the unspeakable to a friend, him for leaving & hurting a wonderful woman, we all knew it would end. Bad is impossible to tolerate. Me me me me me. Narcissist. He's no better. I think he's psychopathic in some of his ways of dealing with people (not to say he's killed anyone, just that he doesn't think of consequences or care about them & how they affect others, only of himself).

They split, she discovered she has no friends left because of this, he discovered he had 2 and was no longer welcome into the circle of friends we had all been a part of. He hurt Good horribly, she still isn't over it.

Except now he's making a full play for her again. Made a new FB profile dedicated to her and how he made a mistake.

Did I mention he tried to cycle through all the women in our circle of friends, just no one realized until AFTER the whole him & Bad situation, when everyone started talking. Except me, I can see thru the guy like saran wrap, and he's well aware of that.

Good is in a really bad place. 2 years ago her mother died very suddenly after being diagnosed with Leukemia. They met shortly after (she & this arsewipe). A week ago, her father found out he has cancer also, one considered to be incurable. She's devastated.

And now, because he's hotly pursuing her, she is totally taken with this dickwad, saying "well maybe he made a mistake?".

Yeah he made a mistake. One that really shouldn't be forgiven.

So I get the following from her:

"but you forgave the Brit!!?!?!?!?"

Um. I'd like to note a few things I listed to her.

A) the Brit & I live 5500kms away from each other, and hadn't gotten to the point of stating with a definition that we were dating. We were interested in each other, but had one or the other met someone else, or gotten up to something else, there was pretty much a "don't ask don't tell" situation going on.

B) He didn't fuck one of my friends, pursueing the relationship behind my back while I thought everything was ok, proceeding to split up in an email AFTER Bad & he had changed their FB statuses to say they were in a relationship with each other (this is how Good initially found out).


And I get to watch this little train wreck.

You all wonder why I want to leave town? I want to leave this behind, leave behind my family bullshiz & get the f outta dodge.

What to do? I can't be supportive. I can't hang out with this guy, I seriously loathe him (and only tolerated him before because of her). Every ounce of me wants to deck him.



Technodoll said...

Wow... that's just so reprehensible... shit like that makes me want to poke out some eyeballs :((

I hope your Good friend wakes the hell up... she deserves much better than that piece of dog shit :(

tonyadesigns said...

I would suggest taking a step back. Those are her choices whether good or bad and it causes you stress to watch and your friendship could get volatile if she sees how much you loathe him. Just be supportive of her "journey," but from a distance.

adventure grrl said...

Hi doll, did I tell you I was back to blogging? I might have... since I hit my head on a giant retaining wall, I REPEAT a lot of things!! I miss you, though :)

Adventures In China said...

The fact he made a facebook profile dedicated to her is enough for me to write him off as a loser. Seriously, who does that? I'd be MORTIFIED if someone did that to me. What a weirdo, in addition to a huge jerk.

I can see why you want to leave!