Tuesday, June 1, 2010

fog clearing?

I'll apologize in advance for booboos as I'm doing this on a Blackberry as I lay in bed unable to sleep. It's 12:41 am. Night 2 that sleep eludes me.

The past weekend was an interesting one. I don't want to hear the groaning, but I heard from The Brit. And it was good.

I heard everything I've never heard before with a conviction that has never been included in our discussions. I was sorely missed and after some months of introspection on his part, he came to some conclusions one of which being his total assness toward me after I had been nothing but nice, second one being not wanting to lose me. All of this with an invitation come over & stay with him, please, he won't take no for an answer & owes me big time & needs to do a lot of apologising & grovelling.

I countered with asking when he had been hit in the head.

This little proclamation had been preceeded by a week or more of me winging & whining about wanting to be in England, missing the Brit, & deciding that fuckit, I'm selling up here & going as quickly as I can get work.

And now I'm tired so I'm going to bed.

But yes. I'm going at end of June. Back in July. Staying at his, will undoubtedly meet family, he'll be working but I can go to work with him in the evenings if I want. Days to myself, & shooting a few shows in London.


Adventures In China said...

This is quite the news! I am happy to hear things are working out well. Hey, we are each a work in progress, right? I'm glad he finally came to his senses. Have a wonderful trip!

myself said...

Thank you thank you I will!!!!