Wednesday, April 21, 2010

okey okey

I know. Bad blogger.

So here it is, in snippets, the good and the bad:

Good - insurance settled with me for more than what my kitchen will actually cost
Bad - fuckers cancelled my house insurance, yes, for making a claim (how dare I?)

Good - out and about taking photos etc
Bad - I'm so tired and have no time

Good - went looking at new places to live & saw one I'm in love with
Bad - I'm nowhere near close to being ready to sell my place (see above insurance/kitchen issues), it'll be gone by the time I'm ready, but my agent now knows what I'm looking for

Good - I got majorly headhunted. 6 figures headhunted.
Bad - I'm too tired to start a new job, although I will go and interview anyway. You never know.

Good - well there is no good to this
Bad - work wise, I think I'm stuck in Montreal. :( No England for me. The dream has died.

In other news, I'm lonely. To quote Carrie Bradshaw "I'm lonely. The loneliness is palpable". At the urging of a friend I reinstated 2 online dating profiles, which have netted me absolutely disgusting men I wouldn't go near if they were the last men on earth and a nice looking dude that I had to report to the website as being a Nigerian scammer (I knew immediately, I'm good at that). Oh and of course the guys looking for nothing but sex. Because being overweight, naturally, I'm good for nothing better, right? Yeah. NOT.

Yay me. So fucking dateable.

Family-wise, at the urging of a friend (same one who suggested the dating sites..maybe I should smack her?) I emailed my dad the full situation concerning funeral day and my "unacceptable" behavior of wanting to be left the fuck alone so I didn't lose it. He hasn't answered it, but has apologized stating how busy he's been and he's going to. Whatever. I have no family. Fine.

Heard from the Brit. Just asking if I'm ok. Answered that I'll live and left it at that, a one liner. Too little, too late.

In other news, I'm in love with Hawksley Workman. Goddamnit he's adorable. Look him up and then feel free to tell me I'm crazy because he's a little, balding, chubby guy, but he has the nicest, smiliest eyes, and is a bit crazy in the thought processes, which I'm familiar with because I'm the same. Photographing him was great, and he's a fantastic musician, so much so I couldn't pull myself away like I usually do when I'm done with the shooting, I stayed til the bitter end.

I'll try to write more. I promise. I'm just swamped.


Mahina said...

That's cool about the job stuff. Wish I had that problem. Hope something turns up. I hope you never give up on your dream, even if that means you have to temporarily put it on pause. And now I'm totally scared to try online dating. Ugh!

Technodoll said...

Good to read you again, girl... and yeah, no wonder you're too busy to blog or keep up with all the reading! At least we know you're alive and kicking now ;-)

So. House being sold, you're looking to move where? Another house? Condo? same neighborhood?