Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ok universe, what now?

Yeah so, apparently I can't stay working with my company if I go to the UK. So now I get to do the "unknown" thing and apply to places I know nothing about. Only good thing about that is they may pay to relocate me.

I'm so disappointed, I'm sitting in my office trying not to cry. Only good thing is that I just read about another large company in my industry that had a huge theft ring going on in London, they've fired a whole hell of a lot of management that were involved, so there's going to be work available there. Pre-emptively putting in my resume there. Who knows? I walked past their facility during my trip over...

I'm so disappointed.

The one thing I'm good at, work, and apparently, I'm not so much.

How to make me feel lower than I've been recently.



Surfergrrl said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. That totally sucks! :(

myself said...

yeah. very disappointed to find out they can't afford me.

Technodoll said...

wait - they won't transfer you at all or they would but with a pay cut?

I'm confused :(

myself said...

only job available is one that doesn't pay enough. so a pay cut.