Monday, October 19, 2009

..and then she passed out

Milles excuses, but I'm just too tired to manage much in terns of writing a coherent sentence....very sorry, I'm sure I'll lose all 3 of my readers (!), but, life gets in the way of most things, doesn't it?

Work is insane, I've been doing some photography and I really can't handle much else with the travelling shoved in there.

I need to get to the UK for the work stuff asap, I'm thinking earliest I can afford is end of November, so that's in the works. I was asked to come see about a position.

Heard from the Brit. I'm being very unenthused about it. Let him do the chasing.


Technodoll said...

"out of sight, out of mind..."

What's the job you're going to see about in lonnndonnn?

ps: get some sleep, woman!

myself said...

what's out of sight out of mind? my bloggie? yeah well, I can't do everything, and I somehow, right now, feel like everyone is asking everything of me.

I'm tired.

Job is with my current company, like I wanted. Boss man over there wants to see me. Yeehaw.

Like I said, Brit or no Brit, I'm going. And from the looks of the neighborhoods with houses for rent in the area I want to live in, I'll be close by. Poor bugger.

Technodoll said...

LOL no I was referring to the brit... wondering if keeping distance was making him fade in the background?

*crossing fingers it works out with the job* - how kickass would that be??

myself said...

no, keeping distance hasn't helped MY mental state at in terms of the Brit.

Yeah if I can get a job with the same company, that would be amazing.

Surfergrrl said...

fingers crossed for you, of course!! I'm sure you've very frustrated by the situation. Well, I know you are frustrated. :(