Thursday, June 9, 2011

feelin' the heat

So we're roasting here. Hello Montreal. No middle ground, just freezing your ass off in winter & drowning in snow, or dying in heat & humidity (it was the equivalent to 104F yesterday here with 70% humidity in case you Yanks don't get the 40C sitch). I think that rivals the weather in bloody Vietnam or something. Just gross.

It's festival season, I do not like shooting music festivals, so I have 3 band/singer songwriter interviews lined up for the next week. Fun fun.

The below post was premature. I can't go into anything really, because truthfully, I never want him to find this & be embarrassed by it. So really, all I can say is, I enjoy him, he enjoys me, nothing other than getting to know each other is happening (not that we wouldn't want more to happen but for certain reasons that's not possible) and I am waiting very impatiently. But I am thinking it just might be worth it :) which would be really nice.

We're hanging tomorrow night. Going to take some pictures. Should be good. We always enjoy time spent together.

Work is somewhat akin to insanity currently, I have more work then I know how to deal with, I don't think I can realistically stay at work as long as I should need to in order to accomplish everything I have to do, but I still like it, so a;ll of that is moot. One day at a time.

Essentially one day at a time is my mantra. For work, for him, for life.


Technodoll said...

No rush to get to the end of life, is there?


Sorry your plans for tonight got a wrench thrown at them... hope it still works out??

myself said...

nope. he decided it was going to rain and camera equipment + rain don't mix.

I really don't like weekends. They're endless really...