Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I hate my neighbors. And I hate their Demon Spawn.

2am woken by screeching. One of the horrid children. Now I'm awake, it's 4 am, I'm waiting for dye release on my henna, because I might as well do my hair while I'm awake and it needs doing.

Joy. I have a huge meeting and lots of work to do tomorrow (today). Naturally.

Umm. My little friend from my last post? Well, I've found out more info on the subject, it's not as bad as I thought, and well, we're just getting to know each other I guess. Nothing more. He's got to do what he has to do & I enjoy him. So, that's how it is. He enjoys me too. That much is obvious.

So we'll see what happens there. All I know is I love hearing from him & talking with him :)

Otherwise I'm incredibly overwhelmed at work. I'm not sure what in hell I'm doing half the time, there's way more work than there is time in a day. I'm doing what I can.

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